Wilson's draft day with his now ex-wife

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  • Do you have any photos where you may not be looking your best? Perhaps ones that you would rather not become public knowledge? Of course not http://www.seahawksauthorizedshops.com/authentic-phil-haynes-jersey , buddy, you're a good looking stud! But imagine if you were rich and famous and every time you went out partying, the paparazzi was there to snap a picture. Especially if you just happen to be the QB of an NFL franchise.When it comes to photos that would be embarrassing we've also opened it up to not only include photos of QBs getting their drink on like Vince Young who lost his shirt at the club, but also some photos that would definitely lead to some awkward conversations at the dinner table. Whether it's due to who they might be in the photo with (such as Wilson's draft day with his now ex-wife) or photos where they may not have looked their physical best like Fat Jameis or Dad Bod Peyton.At least the next time someone tries (but of course, fails right Ugo Amadi Jersey , buddy?) to take a photo of you where you aren't looking your best, you know that it also happens to some of the best quarterbacks of all time! No position in the NFL is more fetishized than the man under center. If you don't have a franchise quarterback, you get out of the way for teams that do. If you have a great one, the sky's the limit. 5-8 record? 4-9? As long as you have a great quarterback at the helm, playoff hopes stay alive to the last mathematically possible second.There are enough ‘My Quarterback Can Beat Up Your Quarterback’ debates going on out there Dwayne Haskins Jersey , so let's take some time to put things in perspective. Here is a ranking of the best quarterbacks playing the game right now. And before you start jumping down my throat for benching your QB for a kid or a veteran, understand I'm trying to fit the whole picture in here. There are a lot of intangibles out there, especially when you talk about such an iconic and mythical position that is an NFL Quarterback. I want to look at Career Stats, Future potential, Team Leadership David Long Jersey , and Big Game Ability.So without further ado, let’s take some snaps and make some reads on Ranking the Starting Quarterbacks in the NFL Today:
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